Insurance Agency Owner Strengthens Customer Relationships with the StreamLabs Control

Insurance Agency Owner Strengthens Customer Relationships with the StreamLabs Control

As a Brightway insurance agency owner in Florida, Bobby Raymond intimately knows the chaos that leaks can cause for homeowners. And as a homeowner himself, he empathizes with clients who are looking for protection against water damage.

But when one of the insurance companies in his network — the one he uses to insure his own home — began offering clients a discount on their premiums for installing a leak detection device, Bobby quickly noticed gaps in protection against leaks.

The Problem: A Lack of Confidence in Water Detectors Alone

The insurance carrier sent Bobby and his clients water puck devices, which are placed around the home to sense leaks. Water pucks can be placed in bathrooms, the laundry room or other parts of the home where pipe leaks are common.

Water Puck Sensor Limitations

Water pucks are useful for detecting the presence of moisture and can be a great addition to a comprehensive leak defense system, but they don’t track exactly what is happening inside your pipes. And if you aren’t home when you receive the leak alert, you have no way of mitigating water damage until you return. This is a major limitation if you are on vacation or are managing a rental property remotely. By the time water reaches a puck device, damage is likely already done.

The Search for a Better Product

As a reputable insurance agent, Bobby is eager to share home products with his clients, especially if the products can save them money on their insurance premiums and give them peace of mind. But he didn’t want to recommend a product he didn’t believe in.

The limitations of the insurance company’s puck devices prompted Bobby to search for a more complete leak defense system.

The Solution: A Proven Leak Defense System for His Home and His Clients

During his search, Bobby received a call from a StreamLabs representative about the benefits of a leak detection device that can shut off the water remotely through a mobile app. The more he learned about the StreamLabs Control, a smart water shut-off valve, the more he saw it as the leak defense system that would his give his family and clients peace of mind.

No Water Flow Restrictions

The manufacturer of the puck device Bobby received from the insurance company also offered a shut-off valve leak detection device, but it had poor reviews about slowing down the home’s water flow.

Bobby learned that the Control, which is made of a durable full-flow brass body, doesn’t interrupt the flow of water when installed directly into the main water line. His family could keep the same water pressure they’re accustomed to while protecting their home from water damage.

Affordable and Easy to Install

Bobby said the Control is affordable, easy to install and intuitive to use. He likes that anyone in his home can turn the water on or off even if they don’t have the app, thanks to the on/off switch on the device itself. And he knows that when he recommends it to clients, they can learn to use it without difficulty, even if they’re not tech-savvy.

“Installing this product was extremely easy, both for my plumber and for me in terms of pairing and using the app,” he said. “The quality of the brass full-flow through unit is evident, and I am grateful this unit also detects pressure and temperature changes.”

The Results: A Stronger Relationship with His Clients

Soon after installing the Control, Bobby received a leak alert for an outside garden hose that he wouldn’t have otherwise caught. Thankfully, he was able to evaluate and remedy the leak before turning his water back on. The Control continues to reassure him that his home is well protected from water damage and mold, and he is planning to install one in his lake house soon.

Building Trust With Insurance Customers

StreamLabs offers Bobby a way to strengthen his relationship with clients. By educating himself and his colleagues on the Control’s features and benefits, he can:

  • Help customers who install the device save money on their insurance premiums by negotiating discounts with carriers.
  • Show customers he cares about protecting their homes and personal property.
  • Demonstrate to insurance carriers that his customers are at a low risk for water damage claims.
  • Lower his agency’s business-to-claims ratio for water claims, which allows him to access better rates from insurance carriers.

Bobby recommends the Control to each client he advises on insurance policies. He said this extra step helps him stand out from other insurance agents, as it shows he is invested in the well-being of his clients.

“I wanted to try it out for the benefit of my clients,” Bobby said. “If I’m going to recommend it to someone, I want to know how it works, that it’s going to work right and that it’s going to be easy for them to manage.”

Learn More About StreamLabs for Insurance Agencies

Want to protect your clients (and yourself) from water damage while growing your business? StreamLabs partners with insurance brokers, agencies and companies to provide reliable leak defense systems for their customers.

Contact our team to learn more about our insurance agency partnerships.

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