Lower insurance premiums + water

Many insurance companies want—or require—a smart water system for for lower homeowner's insurance premiums. Plus you can use water history data from the StreamLabs App to make informed decisions on your water use, and potentially cut down on monthly water costs.

A money-saving solution that your insurance company may reward you for with premium discounts.

Our ultrasonic flowmeter knows when water is running and learns based on your daily behaviors, providing hour-by-hour, day-by-day, and month-by-month data.

Insurance companies may offer discounts on on homeowner's policy premiums if you install our tech:

  • Many carriers offer discounts on the Control with flow-based leak detection and auto shut-off, the Monitor with flow-based leak detection, and the Scout point-of-leak sensors.
  • On an average, the cost of installed system pays for itself in less than 3 years for the Control, an auto-shut off device.
  • Based on recent insurance carrier studies, the average water damage loss is approx. $89K.  

Avoids excessive water use surcharges in many markets and save on monthly bills everywhere.

Often discounts can apply to any insured home-even those of parents and rental properties.
Contact your insurance agent or provider today to see if you qualify for discounts!

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