The easy way to stay in sync with your water.

See how a smart water monitor can help you.

Always on. Always listening.

With advanced ultrasonic technology, our monitor stays tuned to the pulse of your home’s water, delivering accurate usage data in real time. It’s simple to install and mounts to your main water line in minutes. No pipe-cutting required.

The Streamlabs app: Your mission control.

Get leak detection alerts in real time and take action to protect your home. Customize alerts to fit your water habits and adjust sensitivity while you’re away. Our app lets you track usage by the hour and compare over time, helping you become the most water-efficient house on the block.

Simple Setup

Step 1

Download. Connect. Sync.

Step 2

Install easy-to-attach monitor.

(Requires no pipe cutting. Automatically detects pipe type and size.)

Step 3

Adjust & set alerts.

“My contractor was blown away when I showed him how Streamlabs detected a leak. I’m sold on this product!”

Dan M.

“I felt more confident leaving my home knowing I was protected.”

John C.

“After I installed the monitor, it detected a slow leak within a couple of hours. I’m really happy with Streamlabs!”

Krista K.

“Diameter and type of pipe detection worked flawlessly.”

Brad M.

Streamlabs helps:


With easy self-installation and setup, homeowners can customize leak alerts and prevent water damage. They can also use the app to track water usage and find ways to conserve.


Contractors and plumbers can suggest our easy-to-install monitor as extra protection from water damage, an upgrade to existing water systems, or as part of a smart home package.

Service Providers

Security, insurance, and smart-home companies can suggest Streamlabs as a way to help customers protect their property and prevent costly water damage.

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