Flows with Your Lifestyle

Peace of Mind. Protection. The eco-friendly budget solution for your home.

Always on. Always available. StreamLabs utilizes technology that syncs with your phone or an online dashboard.

No matter the time or place, StreamLabs provides water leak detection that integrates seamlessly with your life. With your mobile device, you have control over your water usage and round-the-clock protection against leaks.

The StreamLabs WebApp/Dashboard you have complete access to any active leaks, information on sensor's health such as online, battery status, etc.


Ultrasonic Technology
StreamLabs’ patented technology uses sound waves to monitor your water day and night.


24/7 Real-Time Monitoring
StreamLabs is always monitoring water flow throughout your home, looking for early signs of leaks.


Free iOS & Android App
Customize alerts to your home and leverage features such as Home / Away modes and Drip Detect to alert you to potential problems.

Your smart water conservation
and loss prevention system.

StreamLabs App

  • Reduce Leak Risk: Receive instant alerts to your iOS or Android device if a small or large water leak is detected anywhere in your house. With the Control, you can immediately stop water leaks with a remote shut-off function to keep your home and possessions safe.

  • Receive Customized Alerts: Use Smart Alerts to set your standard water usage so your StreamLabs device knows to alert you when it detects “abnormal” use. Or manually set up custom alerts for Home and Away modes. You can also customize pressure and temperature alert settings to know when conditions exist that increase the likelihood for

  • Conserve Water: Get a detailed look at your water usage to identify opportunities to save money on utility bills and be a more responsible

Homeowners & Renters

The StreamLabs smart water protection system safeguards your home 24/7 from leaks and water events that can be catastrophic. As a "smoke alarm for your water system, Stream Labs products alert you at the smallest of leaks, monitor your water consumption, and provide confidence that water won’t ruin your home and belongings or disrupt your life.

  • Peace of mind & confidence
  • Lower insurance premiums & water savings
  • Advanced tech that works for you
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Commercial Properties

Installing a StreamLabs system in your properties greatly reduces the risk from leaks from pipe breaks, toilet overflows, backup of drains by providing you with alerts via texts and emails to your phone when a cellular sensor system is installed. With the addition of a Control automatic shutoff valve and Scout sensors, you can be notified the minute a leak is detected and shut down you water automatically to help reduce the risk of damage

  • Peace of mind & confidence
  • Designed for commercial use
  • Advanced tech that works for you
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For Pro Installers

Professional plumbers and contractors can now provide the latest in advanced water monitoring and leak detection technology with the StreamLabs Control Monitor and Scout. Using sound waves, the StreamLabs Control and Monitor allows your customers to see what’s happening behind the walls or hard to reach places with Scout.

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