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Confidence and savings aligned.

Installing a StreamLabs system in your properties greatly mitigates risk from leaks and ruptured pipes and allows you to sub-meter each unit for improved metrics and efficiency.

Non-weather-related water damage is one of the leading causes of loss for businesses.

Key findings from Chubb claims data over the past two decades include:

  1. Water damage was the 2nd most common cause of loss to commercial property.
  2. Frequency and cost of water damage losses trends have continued to increase led by high rise commercial buildings
  3. Domestic plumbing is a primary culprit of water damage in all types of commercial buildings
  4. Small leaks can cause major damage if undetected, even for just a few hours

Small Leaks Can Become Big Problems.

Buildings come in different shapes, sizes, types and occupancies, yet they all share a similarity: risks associated with water leaks or freezing pipes. Considering these risks, we are pleased to present to you, an Internet of Things (IoT) water sensor solution that can help reduce the risk of water damage and freezing pipes by implementing a sensor system that is designed to detect and alert the presence of water and freezing conditions for building managers and owners to take necessary actions.

Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors for Water Detection

Leaks and changes in temperature, humidity, or water pressure can cause damage to critical infrastructure and valuable assets. Hospitals, research labs, universities, libraries, commercial and residential properties, including those with fine art or private wine and spirit collections, are all vulnerable to potentially catastrophic damage.


Sensors utilize a cellular connection — no need to connect to an ethernet system

Automatic Alerts

Clients receive automatic alerts via email and text 24/7 permitting them to take steps to turn off the water supply

Easy Activation

Sensors are easy to activate — no need for an electrician or plumber

Unlimited Users

Unlimited number of users can receive alerts

Online Portal

Account management and online portal available, please contact us for information and pricing.

Technical Support

Ongoing technical support available via email or phone

Why invest in this risk mitigation strategy?

Return on investment includes prevention or reduction of business disruption, property damage, water damage remediation costs, and dissatisfied customers.

Sensor placement suggestions:

  • Areas with heightened risk for water leaks and temperature exposures
  • Areas with critical and high value
    equipment susceptible to water damage or freezing temperatures
  • Areas with known sources of potential water release — for example chilled water pump or hot water boilers

Advanced tech that works for you

Smart in every way, StreamLabs systems do the heavy lifting for you.