How to Sell Your Customers on Leak Detection Services

How to Sell Your Customers on Leak Detection Services

It starts with education.

Most pros are used to getting jobs when a plumbing system first goes in a house, during a remodel or if a pipe bursts or leaks. Seldomly are plumbers offering products or services that weren’t originally requested, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a time and place for upselling.

Installing a leak detector for homeowners is one opportunity that won’t feel out of place depending on the service request. Nor should it add much time to the job. Here’s why it makes sense to add this technology to your services and how to approach the upsell.

Why You Should Offer Leak Detection Technology

Because water damage — oftentimes caused by plumbing system failures — is 7 times more likely to occur than fire damage, pros can always count on service and repair calls. When you are responding to one of those calls, you can position yourself as more than a one-time problem-solver by recommending advanced solutions to keep customers protected long term.

By adding value to your customer and your business with a product every home should have, you brand yourself as an industry expert who has their customers’ best interest in mind. Not only can this make you stand out on jobs, but it also has the potential to bump up positive reviews for your business.

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Offering leak detection technology can also help secure future opportunities: If the device detects an issue that requires a professional, you’ll have established trust with the homeowner already, making it more likely that you’ll get the service request.

How to Convince Customers They Need Leak Detection Tech

Some homeowners may not know about smart leak detection, and others may but don’t think leaks are a risk serious enough to warrant investing in a device. One of the best ways to reach both groups is to communicate the very common and real water damage risks every home faces.

Educate Customers with Leak & Home Water Damage Facts

When situations seem unlikely or minor, it’s easy to dismiss them. Make sure your customers — and prospects — know the facts. Use social media, email and in-home sales pitches to share the reality of leaks and water damage online and in person. Here are a few stats you can share:

  • Water damage is 7 times more likely to happen than fire and 5 times more likely than theft.
  • Water damage is the No. 1 cause of damage to luxury homes.
  • After your first leak, you’re 2 to 3.5 times more likely to get another one.
  • The average homeowner spends up to $4,100 in water remediation services to repair water damage.
  • Water damage can cause mold, which can cost up to $6,000 to remove.

Emphasize What’s at Stake

Facts are one piece to the persuasion puzzle. Telling a story is the other one. Put the costs of water damage in more practical, personal terms. For instance, while homeowners may be able to fix the structure of their house after a leak, if water destroys their sentimental items, there’s no restoring them. Ignoring leak risks isn’t worth losing those mementos forever.

Homeowners also install smart doorbells, motion-tracking outdoor cameras and more to keep tabs on their home while they're away. Why not avoid one more surprise with smart leak detectors that send leak alerts and allow them to shut off their water from their smart device?

Using potential scenarios and real-life examples can help prospects and customers understand the value of saying yes to leak detection.

Equip & Empower Your Customers

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. Rather, 93% of all water damage can be prevented, and smart leak detection technology can calm customers' fears about water damage, saving them money and a headache.

To familiarize them with the device you offer, share videos of how they work on your online platforms and communications, and keep a unit in your truck in case customers want a closer look in person.

You may also want to share a simple preventative plumbing maintenance checklist that customers can review regularly to help prevent leaks. There are also a few common signs of leaks you can tell people to look out for:

  • Excessive humidity.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Water bills that are higher than usual.

We’ll Help You Get Started

Get the support, training and resources to set yourself up for success as you start offering leak detection devices. Consider becoming a StreamLabs PRO to gain access to exclusive materials, tools and potential customers.


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