Case Study: Why an Atlanta Luxury Condo Chose StreamLabs to Prevent Water Damage

Case Study: Why an Atlanta Luxury Condo Chose StreamLabs to Prevent Water Damage

Water leaks can cause major damage to any home, but condominiums have an added risk: when one unit floods, the surrounding units are at risk. Wayne Douglas, resident and former HOA president of The Aberdeen condominium complex in the greater Atlanta area views this risk at the same level as that of a fire. It can destroy families’ property and memories in a matter of minutes.

Because of this, Douglas and his fellow HOA board members searched for a water leak detector to support all 55 luxury condos at The Aberdeen to protect their homes from catastrophic water damage.

The Problem: Condo Water Damage Isn’t Isolated

Every homeowner wants to protect their investment. But in a condominium complex, if one condo has a fire or leak, other units may also experience damage. A water leak from an upstairs condo for example, can turn into a major ceiling leak in the units below, multiplying the damage. Condo water leak responsibility extends to all homeowners because they are not only responsible for protecting their own units but also their neighbors’.

Residents Experienced Major Leaks

While smoke detectors are standard in buildings, the HOA at The Aberdeen knew that few, if any, residents had protection against water damage from toilet and bathtub overflows and cracked or leaking water heaters. In fact, the complex had already experienced several leaks that severely damaged multiple units.

Because unresolved water leaks can lead to expensive cleanup and repairs — not to mention possible mold remediation and personal property loss — The Aberdeen’s HOA sought a leak detection solution that could alert residents to possible water leaks before they became a major problem.

The Need for Advanced Leak Detection

The right leak detection device, they decided, would need to connect to a smart phone application via Wi-Fi so residents could receive alerts immediately, whether at home or away. And they wanted a device that uses water flow monitoring technology to give residents more visibility into issues like high water usage and running toilets, which could run up their water bills.


Aberdeen Condo in Vinings, GA

The Aberdeen luxury condominium complex in Vinings, GA (Image Credit:

The Solution: Installing StreamLabs in All 55 Condos

In 2017, a fellow resident introduced Douglas to the StreamLabs Water Monitor. The HOA board evaluated three other leak detection brands, but they were won over by the StreamLabs ultrasonic technology and the ease of installation. Soon, the board approved a motion to install the Monitor in all 55 units.

When StreamLabs launched the Control, an automatic water shut-off valve, the board began installing the new device in all of the units to give residents the ability to shut off their water from anywhere. This is especially helpful in multi-family buildings because, often times, the condo owner doesn’t have a lot of control over shutting their water off directly from the unit.

Per Douglas, the best parts of the Control are the:

  • Ability to remotely turn water off and on.
  • Smart Alerts that learn the condo’s water usage pattern and provides an alert of abnormal usage.
  • Home and Away settings.
  • Continued improvement of the mobile app.

The Results: A Better Night’s Sleep

Since first using StreamLabs water technology in 2017, Douglas says several residents have reported receiving leak alerts that helped mitigate potential damage and excessive water bills. Condo owners can now actively help catch potential leaks and help keep the entire building safer. The Control gives Douglas and other Aberdeen residents peace of mind that their condos are protected.

“We think it adds value by enhancing the physical security of the building and helps keep insurance costs down,” Douglas said. “Because we’re in a 12-story high-rise building, fire is our greatest safety threat, and water leaks are our greatest financial threat. Together, our fire control systems and StreamLabs devices help me sleep better!”

Learn More About StreamLabs to Prevent Condo Water Damage

Compare the Monitor and Control to see which will best protect your condo or home.

Questions? Reach out to our leak detection experts today.

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