Behind the Technology: See Inside the StreamLabs Control Valve

Behind the Technology: See Inside the StreamLabs Control Valve

Look inside of the Control to see what makes whole-home protection possible.

Before buying a smart home leak detection device, it’s important to know what’s inside it. Your home’s coverage depends on how the device is made and the quality of the materials.

For instance, the StreamLabs Control’s compact ABS shell contains parts that allow it to detect changes in water flow, pressure, temperature and humidity – all to protect you against catastrophic water damage. And if a leak is detected, the automatic shut-off valve and Wi-Fi connection allows you to turn off your water from anywhere in the world.

Take a closer look inside the Control to see what allows it to protect your entire home from water damage.

StreamLabs Control Valve Components

Inside the water Control, you’ll find:

  • Stainless steel quarter turn ball valve: Allows for manual shut off via the StreamLabs app or the automatic shut-off of your water line after reaching a leak detection threshold. The Control also checks the valve monthly by opening and closing it to ensure its longevity and functionality. This is done in the middle of the night when the water is not likely to be in use.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor: Detects freezing conditions that can cause pipes to burst in your plumbing system. The humidity sensors will detect abnormal levels of moisture, such as high humidity that can cause mold or low humidity that can cause wood to crack.
  • Ultrasonic flow sensor: Measures water flow by transmitting sound waves into your main water line and recording the time delay. The Control water sensor can detect leaks as low as .1gpm.
  • 1 in. full-flow brass body: Allows for uninterrupted and full water flow.
  • Pressure transducer: Alerts of excessive high pressure that can cause failure of plumbing connections to appliances and fixtures as well as low pressure from leaks outside the house. Enables the Drip Detect feature to warn against pinhole leaks that are below the 0.1 gpm flow threshold.
  • 9V power override: Gives you the option to power the Control valve on or off with a 9-volt battery in the event of a power outage. This is not a battery back-up.
  • Illuminated membrane switch with push buttons: Shows you whether the valve is open or closed and easily allows you to open or close the valve with a push of the button. Also shows Wi-Fi connectivity and flow calibration status.
  • 12V gearbox with stainless steel final gears: Offers durability and reliability compared to inexpensive plastic gears.
  • NSF-61 Certified double union connections: Your plumber can install the Control using FNTP fittings.

Putting it All Together with the StreamLabs App

The parts of the water Control valve come together in a free, easy-to-use mobile app for iOS or Android. This is where you’ll see the data collected by the flow, pressure, temperature and humidity sensors – all in a straightforward dashboard on your phone or device. If you receive a water leak alert or freezing temperature notification, you can easily decide if you want to shut the water off via the app.

You may also set up an automatic shut off for abnormal flow, such as a leak or appliance failure, so you don’t have to manually turn off the water. This is especially important if you’re at work, on vacation, or own a second home. Whether manually or automatically, you can stop the water flow and investigate the issue before it becomes a bigger problem, like property damage and mold.

Discover the Control Valve’s Full Features

These are just some of the ways the smart home device can help protect your home against costly water damage and mold. See how the StreamLabs Control offers you peace of mind against leaks and more.

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